A unique solution against Hair loss and Baldness

The natural and harmless solution with certifications of International standards from Greece and the rest of the World.

The right amount and dosage for you

Every case is different so we provide Mexis Patent lotion in different amounts followed by personalized instructions.

For more information about a detailed diagnosis and instructions see Mexis Test.

Our product is separated in 4 bottles of different amount. 2 for cases of Androgenetic Alopecia and 2 for cases of Alopecia Areata.

For conditions of Androgenetic Alopecia



    MEXIS/M6S PATENT Lotion 20-40 Uses

    200 drops (Serum) of the cosmetic lotion MEXIS/M6S PATENT. Estimated uses: 20-40. Available for conditions of Androgenetic Alopecia and Alopecia Areata.

    The product MEXIS/M6S PATENT was characterized as absolutely effective against hair loss and baldness to any stage via Clinical Trials. See below for details.


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    MEXIS/M6S PATENT Lotion 50-100 Uses

    500 drops (Serum) of the cosmetic lotion MEXIS/M6S PATENT. Estimated uses: 20-40. Available for conditions of Androgenetic Alopecia and Alopecia Areata.

    The product MEXIS/M6S PATENT was characterized as absolutely effective against hair loss and baldness to any stage via Clinical Trials. See below for details.


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For conditions of Alopecia Areata



    MEXIS/M6S PATENT Lotion 5-10 Uses

    Single instillation of the cosmetic lotion MEXIS/M6S PATENT.

    The product MEXIS/M6S PATENT was characterized as absolutely effective against hair loss and baldness to any stage via Clinical Trials. See below for details.


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    MEXIS/M6S PATENT Lotion 10-20 Uses

    100 drops (Serum) of the cosmetic lotion MEXIS/M6S PATENT. Estimated uses: 10-20. Available for conditions of Alopecia Areata.

    The product MEXIS/M6S PATENT was characterized as absolutely effective against hair loss and baldness to any stage via Clinical Trials. See below for details.


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Single instillation



    MEXIS/M6S PATENT Lotion – Single Instillation

    50 drops (Serum) of the cosmetic lotion MEXIS/M6S PATENT. Estimated uses: 5-0. Available for conditions of Alopecia Areata.

    The product MEXIS/M6S PATENT was characterized as absolutely effective against hair loss and baldness to any stage via Clinical Trials. See below for details.


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MEXIS/M6S PATENT lotion was the inspiration of Mr George Mexis the Greek inventor who for over 20 years has offered the solution to thousands of people with problems of hair loss and baldness.

  • After he had discovered his revolutionary lotion for the treatment of hair loss and baldness and by using it himself (who suffered from a severe complex of both Alopecias, Androgenetic and Areata, he gradually understood, after having made his hair thicker and stronger, that his very severe cervical neck problem was being improving too, after having suffered from it since the age of nine. Therefore he gathered that hair loss was the main cause of his neck problem which was later justified with his research regarding the complications of hair loss on peoples’ health (see the referring link “complications of hair loss on health”) .


Concerning the composition as well as his purification, Mr Mexis mentions that after he got inspired, he achieved the proper timing and temperature, in three phases, for the product to be both effective and purified, a fact that was not easy to be achieved. The World Patent was based on this purification of the “MEXIS/M6S PATENT” lotion as well as on its effectiveness (the product is patented all over the world). The ingredients of the lotion are oils with no toxines or perfumes. They provide the elements which are missing from the hair follicles as well as from the scalp. To be more specific, they create the lost rebalance as well as the enrichment of all the substances are for the hair regrowth.


Having realized the importance of the Greek inventor’s product, the cosmetic lotion “MEXIS/M6S PATENT”, several national and scientific organizations urged him to co-operate with Universities of international recognition for the realization of clinical studies considering its effectiveness against hair loss, baldness and also against other dermatological problems of the scalp such as dry scalp, oiliness, sebum, itching, dandruff, also considering the safety of the product for the consumer’s health during or after its usage. Here we point out that no Greek University was found that could or had the technological or scientific ability to realize the appropriate clinical tests that would also be of international recognition. Mr Mexis would like to be absolutely certain about the action and the safety of his lotion. The tests were strict, with a long duration and very expensive, all under the consistent surveillance and consideration of Mr Mexis. The tests’ realization conditions were optimal under the latest technological standards, where needed, as the whole research was, by the will of Mr Mexis, realized on humans, that is in vivo and not in vitro as is usual in Cosmetology and Medicine.

  • The hair re-growth results were certified under scientific objectivity on humans. After all these Mr Mexis was reassured by the scientific world of his lotion’s action. The University he collaborated with is Universita degli Studii di Pavia – Italia. The lotion’s ingredients as well as the lotion as a product are officially certified by the Greek Drug Organization and the F.D.A as well and Mr Mexis’ company accepts with pleasure periodical checks from the Greek Drug Organization as he considers them confirmations once more.


‘MEXIS/M6S PATENT” lotion is a scientific method-inspiration of Mr. Mexis George that clinical tests have proved that it treats, in 100% results, hair loss, baldness as well as dry scalp, sebum, oiliness, redness, itching and dandruff. It’s a cosmetic with no side effects at all which acts in the same way on men and women of every age from a very early age until deep into old age. It consists of natural, ecological oils with drastic factors which actually stop the development of baldness and recreate new hair. Most important is the fact that it is not a drug; it has no side-effected ingredients which are always very dangerous for the consumer’s health and always ineffective.

How the product acts

The unique way it acts is that it actually stops the development of Androgenetic Alopecia, when in severe stages of severe baldness, after an application of several months, the method brings hair back to the smaller stage of Alopecia. Tested by the University of Dermatology of Pavia –Italy, with official clinical tests from the Italian Laboratories of Bio-Basic, in vivo and under the latest technology and, of course, under International Legislation, for the first time in history, “MEXIS/M6S PATENT” lotion is the only solution in effectiveness, absolutely safe and, miraculously, with no side effects (clinical tests of safety and toxicology prove this). It acts on the root of the hair and the cause of hair loss and other dermatological problems. In addition, it lets all of us (the people) with weak hair that doesn’t grow fast, be happy. In addition, the specific lotion can succeed in helping hair to grow up to 4 cm per month! It also strengthens hair always in a safe and painless way. Very important also is the usage of the lotion bypeople in old age (over 60 years old) as the older a person is, the more he/she needs hair.

Way of use

It is used by the sufferer any time he can without any painful procedure and the application is very simple. It has no smell, doesn’t give a bad feeling like burning or itching and, after the application, it isn’t noticeable on the hair.


The first obvious results, as well as the sense of a relieved skin, come immediately. Even severe cases with a severe problem of baldness will gain hair again. It has been used by thousands of people of every age or sex and has actually solved their hair problem. With great success in all people who used it, “MEXIS/M6S PATENT” lotion gave back their hair, their self-confidence and a new, nice psychology as well as love for themselves.

Basic Advantages of our product

  • During its usage no change of the way in life, nutrition, cleaning e.t.c. is needed. Also, any medical tests are not needed
  • Enrichment of the sperm
  • Important improvement of the person’s mood and of their sexual activity
  • Maintenance and support of already transplanted hair
  • Protection from the damaging for health consequences from hair coloring, cosmetics or shampoos
  • Restore of the lost hair in a absolutely natural and safe way
  • Reballance of the production and control of testosterone
  • Shield against grey hair
  • Strengthening and improvement of the condition of the already existing hair
  • Treatment of dermatological problems such as: dry scalp, oiliness, sebum, itching, redness, dandruff, e.t.c.
  • Treatment of hair loss which caused baldness and which would have continued its evolution in a faster way
  • Experienced partners are waiting for you for information, consultation or ideas of how to avoid, prevent and even stop and treat a bad development of hair loss.

Λοσιόν ΜΕΧΙS / M6S Patent

A Safe Solution

The product called MEXIS/M6S PATENT after official, clinical studies of International standards, made from a European University  (Universita degli Studi di Pavia) with renowned dermatologists (Drs Marzatico, Carrera & Angelinetta) has been proved absolutely effective for the treatment of hair loss and baldness at any stage they are, and also safe (with no side effects) for the consumer’s health which become improved as hair are restored and several dermatological problems of the scalp are treated such as dry scalp, sebum, dandruff, itching or redness with a result that healthy hair and scalp can play their important roles for our organism.
The lotion MEXIS/M6S PATENT after creating re-growth of hair when applied to the scalp, having sweat as an ally, assures the maintaining of a constant temperature of the brain needed for the proper and long-term survival.
And this is proved as according to late researches has been justified how important is the conservation of a stable temperature of the brain for its better, safer and longer survival.

Furthermore, whitening becomes delayed and hair can endure colouring and styling. We know very well that decolouring is disastrous for hair and its route because it “burns” and weakens it but it is the way to create successful colour combinations. With the usage of MEXIS/M6S PATENT lotion we can use fearlessly hair decolouring to change colour or for other colour combinations as also for a shiny gold colour without the destroying consequences for the hair and its route and with a result to gain more length and in a faster way than before, always offering the best protection and security for the vulnerable route of the hair. The MEXIS/M6S PATENT lotion offers you the opportunity to “play” with hair colouring with the colour become a bad experience.

Furthermore, we avoid the damaging effects of extensions. Referring to extensions, they can be avoided as with the usage of MEXIS/M6S PATENT lotion hair gains length very quickly (up to 4 cm per month) in an absolutely natural way. When hair does not lengthen we are forced to cut it in order to make it symmetrical and strong (as we believe) but in this way unfortunately we cannot spot the parts where this happens. The failure of elongation is a sign of the beginning of baldness which is not restored by hair cutting as is believed up to now.
Unlike the above, the MEXIS/M6S PATENT lotion with its specific composition help hair to lengthen again and up to 4 cm per month, as it gives to the roots all the substances they have missed and have become weak and dull.
This result can be accomplished for the specific hair problem with only one installation.

Regarding scalps with hair transplants, only with the usage of the specific lotion unforcedly and without surgical intervention (surgery), the hair roots are well nourished at their original, gene location, where the organism placed originally and the most important (for the lotion’s effect) without moving them to other areas of other hair roots. In this way, the lotion succeeds hair thickening (re-growth) at these cases of baldness too.
But the donor areas do not become condensed again.
Referring to hair transplants, which are officially proved to be severe with the risk of infections and complications against our health, one of the most important disadvantages is that they leave the donor areas hairless and therefore exposed to all the above dangers as the organism did not put hair there by accident. The role of  hair at the back side of our scalp is protection from several problems as various nerves are there which go to different points of our body and which are exposed  irreparably.
Donor areas are not the ones at the back of our scalp, but also the beard which exist for specific and important reasons which should not be underestimated and removed.

Clinical studies regarding “MEXIS/M6S PATENT” lotion, proved that during the usage there is no need of changing the way of living, eating, cleaning e.t.c. or having any medical check ups.

"MEXIS/M6S PATENT ANTI-HAIR LOSS" company was established by Mr. George Mexis the Greek inventor of the revolutionary formula named :”MEXIS/M6S PATENT”, and is based on the human, sincere and discreet treatment of the people who visit Mr. Mexi’s offices. Mr. Mexis as an ex-sufferer of a combination of Alopecias, both Androgenetic and Areata (which he solved with the usage of his lotion and only and the most important fact is that he succeeded it with no side-effects), understands their problem very well with immeasurable interest.

The product MEXIS/M6S PATENT is proved to be totally safe with no side effects. It is not a drug neither there is any obligation by Law for Mr Mexi’s company to inform doctors or the paid scientific seminars or the scientific magazines about his cosmetic lotion and its action.

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