Official Result Certificates of Hair loss and Baldness

The substances it contains are used against Hair loss and Baldness for the first time in history.
Official Patents throughout the world (Invention Diplomas) that show the innovative technique of the cosmetic lotion MEXIS/M6S PATENT according to the official protocols which require strict, safe and legal documentation

The invention diplomas were obtained from

-The Industrial Property Organisation https://www.obi.gr and approved by the General Manager, Mr Constantinos Kogias

-The European Patent Office https://www.epo.org and approved by the President, Mr. Ingo Kober

-The American Patent Office http://www.uspto.gov and approved by the General Director.

It's the only product against Hair loss and Baldness that have been submitted in clinical trials about its effectiveness and safety (No side effects - Zero toxicity).

Document of completion of the Clinical trial concerning MEXIS/M6S PATENT lotion's efficacy on cases of Alopecia Areata (of the head, body or face).

Official document (Greek)

The MEXIS/M6S PATENT lotion's efficacy study at ClinicalTrials.gov ClinicalTrials.gov

Its inventor, Mr. George Mexis is the only one who has posted the certificates related to the product on the internet for the consumer's full and detailed information.

Official affirmation of the Greek Organization for Medicines according to Greek and E.U laws.

The above are verified by the following Official Governmental Controls:

The substances used are checked by the following:
Industrial Property Organisation
European Patent Office
United States Patent Technology Office

The product is tested in official Research Reports from the I.P.O , Ε.P.O. & U.S.P.T.O. for:

1. Its substances are used for the first time against hair loss
( It has been compared with every other archived patents before it)

2. The invention's description and examples are scientifically accurate.
It's checked by a CONTROLLER CHEMIST of the I.P.O..

By: The General Hellenic Chemical State Laboratory: That it is non toxic at all

By: The Toxicologist Mr. Athanaselis of the General Hospital of Athens "LAIKO": That it is non toxic at all

By: The National Drug Organization of Greece: that the product is on the market with the specific attributes according to the Greek and the European Law

By: La Universita degli studi Pavia (The University of Pavia, Italy)

That it is effective against Androgenetic Alopecia and it has no side effects

All the above documents are legal and officially certified.

Useful Links :

1) http://www.unipv.eu

2) http://www.biobasiceurope.it

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