C.V. – Testimonials of some users of the lotion


Some of the cases that solved their hair problems by using MEXIS/M6S PATENT lotion after they have already used other products or/and have undergone hair transplants

Some of the cases that solved their hair problems by using MEXIS/M6S PATENT lotion after they have already used other products or/and have undergone hair transplants

Remarks by users who started the treatment with the MEXIS/M6S PATENT lotion and observed improvement in a short period of time

Recommendations for Mr. Mexis to the Nobel Foundation of Royal Medical - Surgical Institute Karolinska in Stockholm, Sweden for the Nobel award from people who used his lotion.

Written Testimonials

Mexis patent saved me

I feel lucky that I accidentally read a men’s health magazine so I had the opportunity to learn about mexis lotion after I had already used more than 50 methods against hair loss and have done two hair transplants already. My hair was falling again so I just had a hint to use mexis lotion so I ordered it. Now I have full hair and I dissuade you from paying money without any result but bleeding and side effects, like me.

About transplants

After two unsuccessful hair transplants I will never recommend one to anyone. It's a waste of time, hope and money! Unfortunately I learnt about mexis lotion afterwards, but although my scalp was in a very bad condition and with two unsuccessful hair transplants, I used mexis lotion and new hair grow! Also my scalp irritation, and bleeding stopped.So, I recommend it undoubtfully!Besides mexis lotion is in the market for many years now, so I think if something went wrong, it wouldn't be in the market now

Unbelieveable but true

I tried to start using mexis lotion as a young boy (17 years) and looking for the best regarding my appearance and having also used other antihair loss pharmaceutical mixtures like shampoos, creams, pills, brushes ... Without any desirable result. At first I didn’t believe I would manage anything and I was going to stop me efforts up to that and leave my hair in fate’s hands and formy head to keep on reminding me of my father's hairf . To my luck it worked!! At first I could not believe it... I thought I had delusions of despair ... Ultimately the success was great and now I can enjoy my rich hair!!! Now also my father has started to enjoy it

Fear for new things is a bad thing

I want to comment that insecurity about anything new is a very bad situation.

Before I went to Mr. Mexis I was very hesitant and of course I could not think of an inventor even with the approval of GDO (Greek Drug Organization), could make bald people with hair again since he wasn’t a a doctor, so I was hearing from people I knew or watching on television that Mr Mexi’s lotion solves the problem of baldness, but I dwasn’t determined to go. The fear for the new was preventing me. When I got fed up of spending money and using lotions from pharmacies by well-known companies and supposedly with super results and continuing to remain bald, I say to myself, what do I have to lose by going to Mr. Mexi’s office in the end? Then indeed my scalp gradually filled with hair and I regretted for all the time I had lost from the fear for the new. Whoever questions that, I am happy to upload my photos and before-after.

Great results

After a usage of 2 months my hair has become better than ever! I did not expect to have such results with as little amount of mexis lotion in such a short time . I feel it very strong, it stopped falling and it is super! My parents are very happy and the sadness that they endured concerning my hair loss is absolutely forgotten!!

As soon as my hair flared up the problem and the urge to take me to dermatologists got completely forgotten. Thank you very much Mr Mexis. I wish you do your miracle to other young children too. As I am concerned, I have recommended you to 3 of my classmates! Although my hair shines my classmates do not believe in what I tell them, also the 300 euros I told them that my parents gave to Mr Mexis seems to be too much. For me it is worth that money because I gave the rest of the product to my sister whose hair was so long up to her waist since I remember, now with the MEXIS lotion is about to reach in the middle of her bottom.. I am Olympiakos (a greek footbal team) but now when people ask me which team I belong to I say firstly Mexis and after Olympiakos!


Unbelievable but true!. I have been using using Mr. Mexi’s lotion for five months and have seen amazing results. I have new hair especially on top of my head. Certainly I will continue the treatment. Thank you, Mr Mexis.

Alopecia Areata

I had "holes" all over my head and now by having been using the mexis lotion for 2.5 months I have seen great results. I recommend it from the bottom of my heart!

My Baldness was like Georgatos (Greek footbal player)

My baldness was like Georgatou (greek footbal player with no hair)but I just do not shave my scalp. 4 months ago and after I had done some very doubtful instillation with Mr Mexi’s lotion I got persuaded that something was happening, so I went on and now I am enjoying my new hair. Whatever happens on my head, I wish to be continued, it seems very strange that hair is coming back on the former empty scalp. I feel a strange relaxation , and wellness. I started feeling like having escaped from a nightmare. A nightmare which wasn’t letting me think anything else except me.

I felt like I was really vindicated when I read in the site of the Mr Mexis what happens when man loses his hair, and then I said "I acted right when I visited desperated many doctors to find out what was happening to me. When I went to Mr Mexi’s office the man showed me two volumes which refered to the diseases caused to hair loss from the time you enter the first staged of it and suddenly I understood. In these surveys famous foreign and Greek doctors participated. Anyone who wants can meet and see my hair for himself, so as a Greek to Greek I want to help you avoid pitfalls which is a shame.

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