Winter and hair 


Humans are essentially tropical animals and are not equipped to deal with even mild cold. That we can live in cold climates is a result of behavioural adaptations such as wearing appropriate clothing and building shelters. 

Cold weather takes the moisture out of your hair, so you're left with dry/brittle strands. 

During winter cold dry air is replacing the hot and humid that we know and (not necessarily all) love. Our hair needs a change too. There is salt in the air in coastal areas all year long. Because it isn’t humid and hot the salt can dehydrate the hair.  

In addition, snow is a negative factor for our hair.It is going to damage your hair's health (though it will seriously damage your hairstyle), and it's basically just like getting it wet or being caught in a rainstorm, but what is damaging are the other factors that come along with snow. The preventative measures you take to guard yourself from the snow and to warm yourself up can have some damaging effects on your hair, as well as the cold air and dryness. So really, it's not the actual snow, but the conditions surrounding snow that are going to wreck havoc on your hair. 

The heat pumps in our homes also suck moisture out of the hair as well as our skin. In the same way our lips chap and our hands and legs look like alligator skin – our hair is feeling the same effects.


Hair Static in Winter


The sparkling falling snow may be pretty but cold weather makes our hair not so! Winter hair static is probably the most annoying beauty problem of the year! 

Whether it’s due to the dry conditions and excessive contact to woolly sweaters, hats, turtle-necks, and constant wrapping of scarves, static electricity can build up on our body. When this happens it can cause the annoying, often unsightly, issue of static on our hair. Literally making our hair stand on end! 


The Lack Of Sunshine


Not seeing the sun for several months can more than dull your spirits — it'll also dull your hair color. 


The wind 


Those gusty winds that accompany a blizzard will blow your hair all around and potentially cause breakage on dry/damaged hair. 


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