No one expected that a single instillation would solve their problem!

Can you help us to estimate the appropriate treatment for you?

The cost and the duration of the treatment depends on the amount of the hair that is lost as well as the period of time it has existed. (Whether you suffer from aggressive or non aggressive hair loss, either short / long thinning or baldness, skin problems such as high oiliness, dry skin, intense itching, dandruff, etc.)

When you send us your curriculum* that you will fill in by e-mail, we will be able to provide better and detailed assessment on your problem and treatment.

*Select the form of the curriculum here. ( Word , PDF)

For the best and analytical assessment of the problem, time table and guidance on your treatment, we suggest Mexis Test which takes place exclusively at Mexis Studios.

Nevertheless, of course you can order the small or the big bottle and use it yourself by following the instruction manual provided and having in mind that generally using "MEXIS/M6S PATENT" lotion diligently, the results are just a matter of time.

Benefits of MEXIS/M6S PATENT lotion based on its patented mixture came as an inspiration to its creator, Mr. George Mexis:

Re-growth of lost hair in a completely natural and safe way

End of hair loss

Strengthening & Improvement of the condition of the already existing hair

Helps to maintain any hair added by a past hair transplant

Fights against skin disorders like dry skin, oiliness, itching, dandruff and sebum

Beautiful and healthy hair

Stages of androgenetic alopecia according to the scales HAMILTON & LUDWING

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