A hair transplant, its complications and the loss of transplanted hair as long as the complications caused by several drugs used to fight against hair loss, affect the person's psychological condition directly by causing a plethora of negative feelings such as lack of control, rage, desperation and depression.

Every person needs support by their social environment. Even more, when the one's condition has been burdened by one or more of the above cases.

The ones who really need psychological support are the people who contend to feel no negative emotion or concern at all after an unsuccessful hair transplant or after suffering by complications from "anti-hair loss" products.

Apart from treating hair loss with MEXIS/M6S PATENT lotion, and highlighting that such natural result is incomparable, we provide open and positive communication in our offices which is the first and best step to overcome the problem.

We have been meeting plenty of people who face a psychological problem which they share and discuss with us (their experiences, their emotions, the actions they've done to overcome the problem, etc) that we've been dealing with successfully.

After a focused and friendly advisory procedure they feel relieved and stronger to face and deal with their problem.

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