A unique solution against Hair loss and Baldness.

Get rid of the complications that hair loss causes in health, once and for all.

The substances it contains are used especially against hair loss and Baldness for the first time in History. Official scientific evaluations by the University of studies of Pavia, in Italy with the approval of the National Organization for Medicines and the FDA.

Get rid of the complications that hair loss causes in health, once and for all

“Before and After” photos of people who used to suffer from baldness

Complications of hair loss in health

Complications and risk factors which derive from Alopecia


Mr Mexis is the only invertor who has published the certificates online

Mexis Test

Mexis Test is a certain diagnosis in which hair is examined analytically so to start the best suitable treatment and exclude any possibility of hair dilution in the future. It's an examination that must be done for every man or woman regardless of age.


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Hair Loss Causes and types

Hair loss usually develops gradually and may be patchy or total. Both men and women tend to lose hair thickness and amount as they age.

Testimonials of people who used Mexis Patent lotion

View some photos out of our 5000 patients.

Official Certificates

Official scientific evaluations by the University of studies of Pavia, in Italy with the approval of the National Organization for Medicines (GR) and the FDA (USA).


Mr George Mexis 30 years ago discovered the revolutionary lotion which restores hair problems without any side effect and with permanent results.
More specifically, hair after being restored do not fall again as long as the treatment needed for every case has been completed.

Mr Mexis declares that the people who have used the specific lotion and completed their treatment never came again to reuse it. On the contrary, thy who had not completed their treatment, came again to reuse the lotion as its results are unique.

It is consisted of purified, natural, ecological oils which are not absorbed by the organism, proved without side effects, with drastic factors that stop the development of baldness and make hair regrow naturally.
Its natural oils as well as the product itself are approved by the National Organization of Medicines of Greece as well as of the F.D.A.

Mexis / M6S Patent

Your hair back naturally and forever

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Test Mexis

The safe solution to the problem of Hair loss and Baldness

MEXIS/M6S PATENT lotion has been imposed in official Clinical trials at a University of international standards (University of Pavia, Italy) by discrete dermatologists (Drs Marzatico, Carrera & Angelinetta) and was marked as absolutely safe for human health and absolutely effective against hair loss and baldness at any stage. Also, the user's health is improved as hair is restored. Also, skin problems like dry scalp, dandruff, oiliness, itching and redness are treated with the specific lotion's usage. Then, hair can be healthy again and play its important role for human health.

When MEXIS/M6S PATENT lotion creates hair regrowth and is furthermore used on the head's skin, with sweat as an ally, it secures the balanced temperature that the brain needs for its health and longevity.

What our customers say

Read what our patiens say after using Mexis Patent Lotion

More than 5.000 patients managed to get rid of hair loss

Mrs Iris
I had "holes" all over my head and now by having been using the mexis lotion for 2.5 months I have seen great results. I recommend it from the bottom of my heart!
John S.
After a usage of 2 months my hair has become better than ever! I did not expect to have such results with as little amount of mexis lotion in such a short time . I feel it very strong, it stopped falling and it is super! My parents are very happy and the sadness that they endured concerning my hair loss is absolutely forgotten!!

The insidious onset of baldness

Get informed about it and protect your health

Be aware and avoid the evolution of the baldness with a few usages of MEXIS/M6S PATENT lotion. With 1-10 usages of the lotion, during the onset of baldness, its evolution stops and the problem can be solved for 10 to 20 years. Be aware that, during the initial indication of baldness, the whole part of the head has been affected by a dilution of 5-20% with possible deterioration up to 100% (alopecia totalis).

Hair – Role and utility

According to late researches, it has been proved how important is the conservation of a stable temperature of the brain for its better, safer and longer survival. In other words, hair ensures for humans the better and safer longevity.

Our Team

Meet the team behind our company

George Mexis

Inventor - Researcher

The Greek inventor who discovered the specific formula because of his unbearable pains of his head and neck that hair loss had caused from a very early age.The founder of the company:”MEXIS/M6S PATENT”, owner of several patents and clinical tests, perpetual researcher with great interest in his fellows.

Constantinos Mexis

Hair Health Consultant

Sandy Matzakoni

Chief Executive Officer

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We naturally feel the need to have hair on our head. Scientists and companies take advantage of that specific need for profit as their only goal.

Results of beard regrowth

Positive results have been shown on volunteers of the clinical trial considering MEXIS/M6S Patent lotion’s results on cases of Alopecia Areata and Klinefelter syndrome.

New clinical studies considering Alopecia Areata

Clinical studies considering Alopecia Areata have already begun in a great Hospital of Athens. The procedure is about Mr. Mexis' invention. The cosmetic lotion which has already begun being used on patients while the doctors of the Dermatological clinic that are in charge, examine the results.

More than 5.000 patients managed to get over their problem. YOU?


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